Olive & Citrus

Do people really go to places to enjoy the architecture before the food? Is there a correlation between the styles of a restaurant? Of course.

Let’s not confuse good food with experiences. This quaint place in Redlands delivers on experiences as much as good food. “California Fine-Dining” is a thing, and this is where you can find it. Where everything is perfect on the outside, current on the inside, and every detail is polished. You can see the chef’s working in the open kitchen From anywhere in the room, with daylight peering through the large craftsman windows. California sun gives everyone energy and the scents of perfect char with a drizzle of its coined name hang in the air. There’s nothing wrong with simply indulging your senses. Its fit for foodies or a great date night.

The best picks on the menu will be your picks. Flavor profiles won’t let you down.

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