Discover Heart Rock, One of our Natural Wonders

You must see it, a friend told me, a geological wonder in the shape of a heart, carved into rock by nature over who knows how many eons ago, and right there in the San Bernardino National Forest. “Really? You’re not putting me on? I’ve got to see this.”

On a bright, cool spring-time morning, I set off to discover a heart-shaped hole in a granite cliff next to a very beautiful twenty-foot waterfall, not far from the quiet mountain town of Crestline. Heart Rock is at the end of Seeley Creek Trail, designated 4W07 by the National Forest Service, just off Forest Road 2N03. The only indication I see for the trail’s beginning is a metal pipe stuck in the ground with the letters “4W07” painted on it.

I walk past the pipe, through some small cedar and pine trees and brush, and find an easy to follow trail that takes me into the forest. Just to my right and down below is Seeley Creek and the sound of bubbling water as the
stream flows and tumbles over rocks and broken tree limbs.

I pick up the pace. The dirt trail takes me up and down, always with the creek just below me. Finally, I reach a large oak tree, with the trail splitting to my left and right. I’m told to bear to the right, stepping up and over rocks and onto a ledge overhang. There it is. Heart Rock is just below me with the Seeley Creek waterfall running next to it. I guess the width across the heart is maybe ten feet.

I pause to take in all the beauty. It is an easy adventure I hope you will take time to experience.
To reach Seeley Creek Trail, from Crestline drive along Highway 138 into the Valley of Enchantment until you reach Camp Seely (spelled differently from the trail’s name), then turn left, following the road. Drive past the camp’s large entrance sign, driving over a concrete culvert. Keep following the road until you reach a locked gate with a sign that reads “no parking.” Pull off the side and park. Don’t park in front of the gate or you will be towed. The start of the trail is just off to the right.

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