Attitude is everything

Take time to sit down and see your relationship through a new lens. Carve out time to write love notes on pad and paper. Give yourselves permission to let whatever happened in the past go by writing down each bad memory and tossing them into a bonfire. It may not sound romantic but it’s a release. Cook something for her while she is sleeping, or bake a batch of cookies while he gathers firewood. Yes, all of this can happen right in your California backyard, and the mountain crests you see sitting in the north are always awaiting your arrival. 

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If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet - Unknown 

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Center Yourself

Every “retreater” wants to find new ways to rekindle their spirit. Some light candles where others look for ways to withdraw from the world to breathe.  Listen “take a power nap” or fill your lungs like a balloon.  Does that really work? Find your true self,  connect with your inner man or woman. Inspiration is...

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