7 Things to Do for a Winter Wellness Weekend in SBC

At the beginning of each year, wellness resolutions are top-of-mind. As winter goes along, we may not get the space we need to reboot our everyday life, but in nearby San Bernardino County, there’s plenty of wide-open wellness to be had. This diverse mountain and desert destination puts nature in the spotlight and provides a quiet space to mindfully plan for the year ahead. Below are 7 activities visitors can do to relax, recharge and restore their mind, body, and spirit: Stargaze in 29 Palms – Located at the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, Sky’s the Limit Observatory provides free

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The Integratron: Experience a Sound Bath in the Desert

Just outside Joshua Tree in Landers,CA lies the structural wonder known as The Integratron.  Its creator, George Van Tassel began building this one-of-a-kind 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, all wood dome in 1959 after telepathically communicating with extraterrestrials – as the story goes.  Tassel designed it to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation...

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