Center Yourself

Every “retreater” wants to find new ways to rekindle their spirit. Some light candles where others look for ways to withdraw from the world to breathe.  Listen “take a power nap” or fill your lungs like a balloon.  Does that really work?

Find your true self,  connect with your inner man or woman. Inspiration is found from some outside motivation, somehow moving outside of a humdrum life for a moment.  If you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down.  Say the word “retreat” and it’s immediate to think of hot tubs and bubbly.

To plan your “self – care” retreat, slip away to indulge your spirit at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, feel the natural surroundings under your toes and see the sparkling lake views.  Embrace the majestic experience of the mountaintop while you rekindle with yourself.  Nestled off the Rim of the World, as you wind up the mountainside leave the drama that weighs you down; behind. For the best release, roll down your windows and at every turn shout “AHHHHH”, echoes not guaranteed but are possible.

Tips for the best self-care retreat:

  • Wake up with the Sun
  • Sit in a quiet space
  • Jump on the bed
  • Don’t set an alarm
  • Eat, don’t count calories

Just a moment with yourself is the best time to center yourself, now you are ready to reconnect with the world.

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